What is Car Wrap?

June 23, 2020
June 23, 2020 admin

What is Car Wrap?

Don't paint it, wrap it

A car wrap is a fairly new customisation technique for vehicles where sheets of vinyl are applied to the painted surfaces of the car. In the past, it was used primarily for commercial vehicles as a way to advertise the company’s logo and services. Today, however, car wrapping is used in a variety of situations, and has become increasingly popular in the consumer market as an alternative to traditional paint and the more recent plasti-dip or liquid wrap products.

While car wrapping is still a popular choice for businesses, more and more consumers are choosing car wrapping as an affordable, reversible, and relatively easy way to customise and change the color of their vehicle.

What are the benefits of a car wrap?

Wrapping your car will provide many benefits for you and your vehicle:

Cost-efficient: Car wraps are an investment, but they also significantly cheaper than a custom paint or other methods of vehicle customisation at a reputable shop.

Vehicle protection: Wrapping your car, truck, or SUV will protect the expensive OEM paint underneath the vinyl material. From harsh UV rays and paint damaging elements to rock chips and sand, vinyl wrap will provide a durable layer of protection for your vehicles paint.

Reversible: Car wraps are completely reversible! Unlike a custom paint job which requires sanding your factory paint and applying new paint over the top, vinyl wraps are removable with little risk of damaging the paint underneath.

Enhance your vehicle’s appearance: Car wraps come in a huge selection of colors, textures, patterns and finishes. When a wrap is applied by a professional installer, only a trained eye will be able to tell that the vehicle is wrapped in vinyl. The finish of the final product will look exactly like an expensive new paint job. In addition, paint has limitations for customisation. With a car wrap you can choose finishes like matte, satin, color changing, camo, even carbon fiber!

Versatility: Car wraps provide options where traditional paint is not an option. For example, most vehicle leases will not allow you to change the vehicle’s paint color. Because a car wrap is removable, they provide an excellent way to customise the vehicle without violating the lease agreement or warranty.

Maintain your vehicle’s resale value: Because car wraps protect the paint underneath from dings and scratches, the resale value of the vehicle stays intact. While a worn finish can dramatically decrease the value when you decide to sell or trade-in your vehicle, you can simply remove the car wrap and your vehicle looks like the day you bought it.

Advertising: Businesses love car wraps because they are a cost-efficient way to reach new customers. As a bonus, using your company vehicle for advertising is a less intrusive way to reach customers than some other forms of advertisement, such as commercials interrupting your favourite TV program!

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