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This package covers your normal wash routine. We cleanse the exterior of your vehicle (including wheels/tyres and arches), the interior is also given a vacuum and wipe down. Glass is cleaned, Tyres are dressed and the interior is finished off with a spray wax.

Car Size: S £50 / M £60 / L £70 / XL £80
Estimated Time: 3 -4 hours

Regularity: Most clients opt to use this service once a month.


Wheels, tyres and arches cleaned
– Pre-wash using citrus pre-wash, rinsing, snow foam and further rinsing
– 2 bucket method (with grit guards) wash using lambswool mitts
– Doors and boot shuts and returns cleaned
– Dried using warm air blowers
– Tyres dressed with a satin “like new” finish
– Interior vacuum
– Hard surfaces dusted and wiped down
– Spray sealant applied to exterior
– Interior + exterior glass cleaned
– Exhaust tips polished

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Our Service
Our Service

Protection Detail

Thorough safe wash and chemical decontamination, sealant for up to 12 months protection. We apply a full vehicle sealant across paintwork & glass surfaces to protect against tree fallout, bird bombs & other environment contamination. The sealant we apply will provide up to 12 months protection. We also protect the interior surfaces with a treatment that leaves a non-greasy and non-shiny finish. All exterior plastics are protected. We finish this package with a final detail, that includes a wheel wax.

Car Size: S £175 / M £200 / L £225 / XL £250
Estimated Time: 4 -5 hours

Regularity: Every 3 months for a daily driven vehicle


– PH Neutral Snow Foam Pre
– Wash Entire Vehicle
– High Pressure Water Blast Rinse *(using “Pure water”)
– Under Guard Citrus Spray & Pressure Wash
– Ph Neutral Wheel Scrub (Front Face & Barrel)
– Tyre Scrub
– Two-Bucket Method PH Neutral Hand Shampoo
– Clean Wiper Blade Rubber & Door Jambs
– Interior Vacuum
– Tyre Protectant Application
– Protect visible underguardareas
– Exterior & Interior Glass Clean
– Exhaust Polish
– Wheel Wax Application
– Paint Sealant Application-Exterior Rain Aid Glass Treatment
– Exterior Plastics Treatment
– Dashboard & Centre Console Brush & Clean
– Dashboard & Centre Console Protectant
– Door Card Brush & Clean
– Door Card Protectant

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Our Service
Our Service


This package is the first step in our paint correction service and is also a good option if you are looking at selling your car or returning a lease vehicle. Enhancement Detail is designed for vehicles that don’t require full paint correction; it includes a single stage machine polish that seeks to bring back the gloss and shine to the paintwork. It will remove light wash marring and surface scratches but not deeper scratches. A great package for those new to Detailing and anyone working around a budget.

Car Size: S £275 / M £300 / L £350 / XL £400
Estimated Time: 1-2 Days


– Multi-stage safe wash
– Wheels cleaned & decontaminated (including inside rims)
– Entire vehicles paint decontaminated (using iron fallout remover, tar remover then clayed to leave paint spotlessly clean and smooth as glass)
– Gloss enhancing paint sealant applied
– Tyres& wheel arches dressed
– Windows polished inside
– Engine cleaned, degreased and all plastics/hoses conditioned
– Door shuts and jambs cleaned
– Full interior vacuumed and dusted
– All internal surfaces cleaned: dash, door cards, centre console etc.
– Carpets/upholstery shampooed and extracted or steam cleaned (whichever is most suitable)
– Leather seats cleaned

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Our Service


This package includes a comprehensive two stage machine polish to your vehicle.The first machine polish stage restores the paint and removes up to>80% of the surface defects. The second stage is a further machine polish to refine the finish and will make your paintwork “pop”. If you like to keep your vehicle defect free all year round this package is an excellent choice and as any impact to paint / clear coat thickness is minimal is suitable as an annual service.

Car Size: S £500 / M £600 / L £650 / XL £700
Estimated Time: 2 -3 days

Regularity: Every 6 months for daily driven vehicles (12 months for a weekend car)

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Our Service


This package is for those who are looking to return their vehicle to near perfect condition – the finish will be better that its original showroom condition. Using a multitude of machine passes to safely remove heavier defects (including, random deep scratches, bird and bug etchings, bodyshop buffer trails and sanding marks) a Major Correction Detail is perfect for tired and lifeless looking paintwork that requires a second lease of life. Whilst we always work in the pursuit of excellence, sometimes 100% correction is not always possible (typically, over 95% is achievable) compromise has to be made on areas with thin clear coat where it would be impractical to sacrifice this lacquer and to run the risk of burning through. As a general rule of thumb, scratches than you can “feel” with your finger nail will require paint – however, they can be visibly reduced by “rounding off” the edges with correct machine polishing technique.

Car Size: S £600 / M £650 / L £725 / XL £800
Estimated Time: 3 -4 days

Regularity: Every 12 months for daily driven vehicles (18 months for a weekend car)

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We pride ourselves on the fact that we only trust a combination of the very best and highest grade materials. Our team are the most competent professionals with over 10 years combined experience to carry out your chosen service.


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